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High polish on all I.D. surfaces, straight I.D. on all bodies, and smooth transition areas between different diameters.


This is one of the most difficult properties to check on dies and die inserts. A high gloss finish in itself is not enough. Just looking down a die to see how shiny it is does not constitute a full inspection of the finish. With a poorly polished die all efforts by the header operator are minimized.

Close examination by a trained die maker or inspector of a cast of the die in question will reveal the level of polish. Any blemishes on the body or angle, or back taper of the body will result in poor die performance.

The I.D. straightness of the die can be checked with a dial bore gage. This will indicate if there is any transition in the diameter of the part being checked.



Indicator face showing changes of as little as .00005.



Shaft of bore gage.



Cavity of the die to be inspected.

Dial bore gage

Face of Die

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Surface quality
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