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Do you know the quality of the header dies you are buying?

A Large number of the header dies used for the process of forming the blanks of screws are purchased from outside vendors. The incoming quality of these dies has a very measurable effect on the entire heading process. The inspection of these dies at the point of origin, and the resulting quality guarantee, are not completely understood or followed in the industry. It is the purpose of this introduction to:

  • Demonstrate the proper inspection of dies.
  • Instill the needed quality of the header die.
  • Explain the results of poor quality as it effects the buyer.
  • Educate the buyer in the value of a well manufactured die.

If the die is not 100% fully inspected by a qualified person, and guaranteed to be without a flaw, the price of the die is inconsequential. The product will cost the buyer many times over the original price in increased expenses of making the end product.

If the buyer does not completely know and trust the die source, it has to be accomplished in the methods of meticulous die inspection.

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